A multitude of voices….

I cannot portray the depth and variety that was last weeks presentations by the training programme here at Metàfora. So I will let their own words do the talking.

‘I want to blur the edges of what is considered forbidden….’
Melle Skarfstad – Sweden

‘I’m breathing like a dog, wondering, in this cruel present, traveling naked amongst the avant-garde notes of your soul…….’
Netai Halup – Israel

‘You see everything at a glance / squared – cold visual / everyone has the same -> not so much identity left…’
Sylvie-Layal Nakle – France

‘Crossing cultures and languages – from Irish English to Russian Azeris…’
Hannah Nolan – Ireland

‘The C theory…..from coincidence or chance….change and communication….to comfort, certainty and compassion…’
Sarah Taibah – Saudi Arabia

‘Tension between two complex and distant images.’
Sam Hamper – UK

‘Any life, situation or element is basically ephemeral, trying to erase the belief that we make art to be permanent or eternal’
Malquerida – Mexico

‘There’s no one new around you’
Ketevan Gvinepadze – Georgia

‘Layers, whose edges dissolve and build…….constant movement of surfaces reflects the depth and potential different form has’
Hanna-Mari Vanhanen – Finland

‘….black implies white, self implies other, life implies death – you can feel yourself not as a stranger in the world, not as something here on vacation, not as something that has arrived here by fluke.’
Rhea Gibbons

‘The lines become a labyrinth where I encounter dead-ends and frustration, resolution break through and surprise, over and over….’
Rachel Quaday Janvier – Austria/USA

‘..they might be just trash. Even so, they can make a beautiful thing.’
Eiko Hattori – Japan

‘Does what? Discriminating another
What? Another person
Which other person?’

Zia Smets – Holland

‘He was somewhere in the white of the wind and snow with the trees all around him, being cold and losing orientation…..he didn’t remember much after that.’
Katerina Asche – Russia

‘Examining aspects of the relationship between the figure and its constructed environments, whether psychological or physical.’ Rebecca Lyne – UK

‘A tiny portrait
Made of lines made into words
One for each of you’

Lily Keeling – UK

‘These words are empty in contrast to the notes on the wall.’
Lander Vandevelde

‘An unsettling interaction with an accidental art work.’
Lucy Costelloe – UK

‘In bid agglomerations where globalisation is immersed……returning thoughts to the common space.’ Natalia Toro Garcia – Colombia

The horizon registered our comprehension of the universe…’
Tanmayee Jhankar – India

‘It shows a connection to a burning desire of an unattainable distance….’ Netai Halup and Lander Vandevelde

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