This post is part of a series of interviews with current students on the International Workshop. Here Uchka presents us with her view of Metàfora.

Name: Uchral Nyambold (Uchka)
Nationality: Mongolian
Educational background:
– graduated high school in Virginia, US
– studied one semester at Corcoran College of Art and Design

Tell us about the classes you like and the relationship your tutor?
I would like to continue doing paintings, however, it’s more important for me to learn about conceptual art. So, I’m aiming to understand how I can develop the ideas and meaning of the paintings I do.
I’m beyond happy about my tutor, Ananu. She has a strong opinion about art and always encourage me to go to the next level. Also, it’s important for me to have someone who can push me in a productive way. She would kindly listen to my ideas and give even more advice to improve them.
What is the thing you like most about Metàfora?
The atmosphere in Metafora is something I admire very much. It’s a place you can freely explore not just art but everything, and allows you to do what you want to create. You get to meet with many different people and become close with each and everyone.
Where would you go today in Barcelona, and what would you do there?
There are so many things you can do in Barcelona. I love to walk and explore different streets or places. Recently, I’m into taking photos of interesting doors in Barcelona, and trying to make a photo series called #doorsinbcn.