The in-house tutors of the International Workshop are all practicing artists with their activity based in Barcelona. Marc Larré  is a Catalan artist, recent winner of the Miguel Casablanca and Fundación BBVA Video Art prize. Very active with the galleries Estrany de la Mota (Barcelona) and Rafael Oritiz (Madrid).

Tell us a little bit of yourself:

Born in Barcelona, I studied at the University of Fine Arts of Barcelona UB from 1999 to 2001. Also I had the chance to study a semester at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York.

What is your preferred artistic medium and why?
I don’t limit my practice to any particular medium since I find them all useful as carriers of ideas and affects. Still, I have a preference for image based mediums and sculpture at their intersection. I have an interest in material culture and how it is affected by present day developments.
When did you last show your own work, and where?

In Madrid at an art gallery called Rafael Ortiz. I am also currently part of a group show at the Galeria Estrany – de la Mota in Barcelona.

What is your favorite artist and why?
I don’t have one particular favorite artist. I am interested in artists who write about their own work as a way to compliment and further their practice. As an example I could use Mel Bochener, Gabriel Orozco, or Joao Gusmao and Pedro Paiva.

What should a good art school offer?
The concrete and abstract tools to bring about a critical understanding of their role as artist or creative people in present day society.

Where would you go today in Barcelona, and what would you do there?
Get lost walking the streets open to the manyfold noncommercial experiences the city has to offer.