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Last show of the year!

“An artwork is just work until someone can appreciate it” says Miguel Inumerable, residency student at the International Workshop. Metàfora students are given the opportunity to transition into a professional environment through exhibitions in order to gain exposure and experience in the art world. Here are Metàfora’s artists reflecting on past three exhibitions– Transparent, Cubespace, and The Order of Things.

In addition to these exhibitions, the International Workshop is hosting an Open Studio Exhibition on Thursday, November 28th at 19:30. Each student has prepared a showing of their work in their own studio spaces as the final showing of the year. “Open Studio” is open to the public so come and check out an impressive collection of new work by multinational artists!

Learn more about the event here!

art school barcelona

The Canvas Peace Project

International artists from over 10 different countries around the world whose goal is to bring attention to the continued human rights atrocities that affect the people of Sudan and South Sudan, to raise hope and promote a positive impact towards a better future.

Working directly with Canvas Peace Project, and Hope for Ariang,, this contemporary art exhibition and auction is meant to raise awareness about the human rights atrocities and to raise funds that will go towards the relief efforts of the people of Ariang and surrounding villages.

This project was taken on by Kirsten Campbell, an artist from New York City, living and working in Barcelona for 2 years, along with her studio practice she is an educator at Metafora & Estudio Nomada.  After meeting Cynthia Davis of Canvas Peace Project, then meeting with Gabriel Bol Deng Kirsten employed her passion as an artist and an educator to work directly with the international student body she currently works w…ith to create the exposition Attention/Atencion in order to continue the discussion about contemporary South Sudan.