The life of Drawing…

…always look on the bright side of life (cue Monty Python whistling) .  Mètafora offers a variety of skill based classes on the International Workshop, everything from videoMetafora, Art School, Barcelona editing, to site specific workshops, allowing students to develop techniques in a wide range of mediums.

Life drawing class with PiotrThat said, there is something vital about the “life drawing class” that keeps students returning week after week.

Of course having a life model present, creates a very particular kind of focus that invites the artist to make the most of the two hour class, however,  there is also something unique about about getting back to the basics of using pencil and paper which can connect the student to their own creative process.

In his most recent class, Piotr Perski encouraged his students to obtain a new perspective by drawing from the ground, without easels using their preferred medium.

Life drawing class with PiotrIt is as if time takes on a different dimension during these classes since students can become so absorbed with the subject and their own drawings that two hours can sometimes feel like twenty minutes!



ARCO Madrid

During our trip to Madrid several of the students from the International Workshop took the opportunity to visit ARCO, officially the largest contemporary art fair in Europe. IMG_5231

ARCO stands for Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo (International Contemporary Art Fair), it was founded in 1982 by Juana de Aizpuru, an art gallery owner who wanted to introduce Spain to the international art circuit.

It is widely recognised as one of the three most important art fairs in the world with well over IMG_5226200 galleries exhibiting and selling a wide variety of art works to visitors and collectors alike.IMG_5227

This year was ARCO’s 35th anniversary and so there were a lot of interesting programs and talks running alongside the main event, including a young artists program co-curated by Juan Canela, one of Metafora’s former tutors.

A wide range of mediums wimageere represented this year, from painting, sculpture, photography, art, textiles through to live performance, installations and video; including a video piece by Catalan artist Marc Larré who is one of the tutors here at Metafora.