Stepping into another space…..

Stepping into another space can be daunting, but in Espai Colona, where the space is necessarily domestic, there is an intimacy created that holds a comforting sphere for the discussion and viewing of art. This laboratory event, in effect, was a presentation and review of work but using this artistically focused, domestic atmosphere instead of the usual architecture of the school. The experience of seeing your own work under different conditions was fascinating and enlightening. The insights, discussions and exchange of ideas between the Metàfora tutors, Espai Colona, the guests and the students were equally variable and interesting.

Thank you to

Natalia Toro, Netai Halup, Lander Vandevelde, Zia Smets, Layal Nakal, Rachel Quaday Janvier, Rebecca Lyne

Espai Colona, Quim Packard and all the fantastic tutors from Metàfora.