and playful investigation

form the core

of all art making.

Artistic discourse

and constructive criticism

walk hand in hand.


dialogue and debate

within the creative process.

Flexible and independent Art School in Barcelona

Metàfora’s contemporary art activities consist of a full time studio-arts program, the International Workshop.
The International Workshop is a 4 year multidisciplinary studio arts program for students from starter’s level to advanced art practice. Guided by an experienced group of internationally acclaimed artists and curators, students can choose to take the entire training or embark on short term stays from one year down to 6-7 weeks.

Our students build their home in the middle of a friendly, inspiring and intimate community, where artistic freedom is the center of the experience. Metàfora is housed in an old factory complex of more than 1.000 m2,  where all students have their own studio spaces. The course offers total immersion in art and culture in Barcelona though studio-visits and taking part in gallery exhibitions.

Classes are in English with 25+ nationalities in the student group.

Foundation Program

The Foundation Program of the International Workshop is a space where students are encouraged to think wildly and explore freely.

The program contains a series of scheduled workshops in different tools and techniques and a weekly life-drawing class, as well as workshops in Performance, Street Art, Gesture Painting, Land Art etc.

Our Foundation Program is recognized in the UK and many other countries.

Training Program

Metàfora’ Training Program is designed for aspiring artists. Through debates and discussions with our faculty of acclaimed artist and curators, the aim is to help our students into a professional career in the art world.

Students have access to internships in galleries and artist studios, show their work in gallery exhibitions, and work side by side with experienced curators on ambitious shows and events.

Short Term stays

Both the Foundation Program and the Training Program welcome short term students. The academic year is divided into 5 studio blocks, and students can commence their stay at the beginning of each,

Short term students integrate entirely into the program, and have the chance to particpate in all scheduled activities during their stay, including exhibitions and other events.

Artists and art students
from different countries
give Metàfora its distinctive
international atmosphere.

short term stays

18th of April to
26th of May 2017

The Mirror and the Gaze

Foundation Program:

The idea behind the Theme-based Project “The Mirror and the Gaze (Reflection/ Action)” is to make students think about their own identity and the way we perceive each other, the way we are in the world today.

The end-of-theme presentations are scheduled for the end of May, just before the last push towards the final open-studio exhibition of the academic year.

Public, Audience and Participant:
Who are we talking too and how

Training Program:

Art is a conversation, and like in all conversations both participants are necessary. What is the nature of the exchange we establish with the viewer through our work?

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