Expanding our world outside the studio

Outside the studio the world is wide and possibilities are expansive. In this special open lab we left the confines of Metàfora, however inspirational the studios are, it is vital to see our work in the context of the external environment.

Caterina Almirall took us to her home where she opens her hallway for exhibitions and collaborations. Debates about the value and use of the institution abounded.

She provided a space for reflection on how to project the practice of an artist outside his workshop. What does making the work of an artist public mean? What do we understand as an artist and what are the responsibilities to this context and it’s implications? How can one articulate artistic practice in an economic framework? How is artistic practice in the professional field? What ways and paths exist and have existed? How can we position ourselves in the field of “professionalism”? What tools and spaces exist that can help to project the work of a young artist in Barcelona and at the international level.

Fascinating and expanding topics leaving us all with great ideas for our own future practice.