Art School Barcelona on the trip to madrid visiting arco

Off To Madrid

Every year the students of Metàfora travel to Madrid for the famous three day art marathon. Students visit exhibition after exhibition to experience both long established and contemporary art. For students of Metàfora the trip will provide an insightful look into the art market and social terrain on which it plays out.

This year the students and teachers will arrive on Thursday, 26 of Febuary and return either on Saturday, 28 or Sunday, 1 of March. The full art festival runs between the Wednesday and Sunday. By the end of Saturday students will have explored a variety of exhibitions and explored the city. As well as Museo Nacional del Prada, Museo Nacional Reina Sofía, Circulo de Bellas Artes and Caixa Forum, the students will be attending the main events Just Mad, Art Madrid and, of course, ARCOmadrid. These three will be showing current exhibits from various galleries, particularly contemporary art.


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All in all, the week is a celebration of art. Not only is it important for the everchanging art market, but many exhibitions display what is aesthetically progressive, inovative, new and practical. This year JustMad,  known for its exploration of contemporary advancement, is subtitled JustTech and will be focusing on the use of technology in art. Meanwhile, Art Madrid will host exhibitions of around 50 galleries from all over the world, providing a range of materials and ideas relevant to various art scenes. Arco itself will hold exhibitions from over 200 galleries. It is the highlight of the week and is a chance for art collectors and directors to mingle. Furthermore, the three events are platforms of Spanish art and provide different creative threads to entwine. Local and international talent is showcased. The frontier of the global art market will be presented, alongside many localised scenes.

As well as the goal of presenting the works of numerous contemporary artists and hosting a platform for local and international art markets, many museums in Madrid will be open and expecting art students, enthusiasts, directors and collectors. As an exhursion with experienced tutors, students will learn about galleries, exhibitions and the week’s significance. Furthermore they are encouraged to explore on there own.