This post is part of a series of interviews with current students on the International Workshop. Queta is from Tbilisi, Georgia. and defines herself as Conceptual photographer / Multimedia artist.

Educational background:
Bachelor degree in Journalism and MAS communications, Diploma in Public relations and integrate marketing communications.

How is the relationship your tutor?
The relationship with my tutor, Luz Broto, is the most important part of for me: Non formal, but serious and respectful communication, we can easily understand each-other, I really appreciate the work that Luz does as an artist and as a tutor. She’s giving the right directions which way you  should continue your work, how to turn idea into project.

What is the thing you like most about Metàfora?
I like the atmosphere at school in general: you feel free but the same time it forces you to work and do more than you have done.

Where would you go today in Barcelona, and what would you do there?
Today I’m going to visit Blue Project Foundation to show the site-specific installation by Pieter Vermeersch.