Intensive Preparations

This week, the pressure intensifies for the students here at Metafora, with the opening of one of our external exhibitions and preparation for our discourse reviews. So we asked one of our students, Netai Halup, to give an idea of what it is like to go through this experience as part of the International Workshop.

“It’s been a crazy month, between our personal projects and our ongoing investigations, we had the opportunity to work together on a group exhibition. The theme of the exhibition is The Self. While I’m working on different ongoing projects, preparing for this exhibition theme, has given me the chance to let out some parts in my inner self. I chose to focus on one thing; my own memories and loaded experiences and try to translate them with my personal language, with my personal mark.
It’s great to see my friends working with different paths and each one chose to work with different medium and search for his/her interests. We all excited to go outside of the school environment and share our works with the public.”