Luz Broto grew up in a town outside the city, but has lived in Barcelona for the past many years. She studied Fine Arts in the university of Barcelona, did an Erasmus scholarship in Berlin, and then back again where she finished a PHD in Fine Arts in Barcelona (Art in the Digital Era).

What is your role on the International Workshop?
I am a tutor in the Training Program. I try to help the students to develop their projects, and overall we try to detect what their real interests are, why and how can they go through that along their works. I share with the students what I’ve learnt and we continue learning together.

What is your preferred artistic medium and why?
I think the best artistic medium is the one that feels natural to you, in every specific art work. The best medium is maybe the one that leads you easily to reach what you are looking for.
When did you last show your own work, and where?
It was at MACBA, Barcelona, within the exhibition Species of Spaces.
What is your favorite artist and why?
I don’t have a favorite artist. Nowadays I’m interested in artists that work with space creating specific situations.

What should a good art school offer?
A space and a time to learn freely, providing you the theoretical, practical and relational knowledge you may need.

Where would you go today in Barcelona, and what would you do there?
Today there is the Miquel Casablancas event, a prize for young artists*, and also the opening of Loop Festival, based on video art. I think I’m going to the first one, actually I’m arriving late 🙂 There is always a lot to see in town. If you don’t believe me, check the agenda:
* Editor’s note: Ely Daou, winner of this year’s Miguel Casablancas prize is an everlasting Metàfora student. Luz didn’t know this when she answered the question. 🙂