Identity and Emergence

The last two days have been a whirl of discussion and inspiration here at Metàfora. As the foundation programme present the culmination of their last 6 weeks work based on the theme of identity, we get the pleasure of seeing work emerge from the studios.

‘The main concepts behind the work are the inability to express feelings by voice, and the gradual loss and fragmentation of identity……..we can never know what stories lie behind each of us.’
Noora Sassali – Foundation Studies Programme

‘The story about the Babel Tower taught us how important language is in relation to our identity.’
Pil Anna Tesdorpf – Foundation Studies Programme

‘This work investigates the relationship between individual accountability and structural domination of (inter)national authorities.’
Cecile van dear Sommen – Foundation Studies Programme

‘This project …. describes my belief that each individual has great power and potential within themselves to overcome the restrictions and limitations put on us by society’
Dalyah Yassin – Foundation Studies Programme

‘The work is an attempt to understand space. The gap between things. An exploration of the outer and inner movements and the tension of that which identifies and therefore remains static’
Francisca Borges – Foundation Studies Programme

‘What if you could imagine? You in this fragment? All this you….in front of your eyes.’
Louise Allain – Foundation Studies Programme

‘Result of a two month investigation of lines’
Abdulsalam Radwan – Foundation Studies Programme

‘Bodies – and their actions – predate words as instruments of communication.’
Grace McLarty – Foundation Studies Programme

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