Expansion through Geometry

Metàfora is a place in which you not only get to fully explore all aspects of what art can mean to you, but a place that helps support you as you begin to take the first steps into the wide world of Art. Art Lover Ground held an event to celebrate its first anniversary in Barcelona, on Saturday at Mutuo Gallery. Art Lover Ground is an international hub for artists in Europe, based in both London and Barcelona. Around 20 international artists show their original art work and one of the students here at Metàfora, Hattori Eiko (from Japan) was selected to take part.

Hattori Eiko is a textile artist, who, during her current stay at Metàfora is investigating her interest in geometric art.

She said…”I don’t want to limit techniques and materials, and I created some sculptures by using several types of materials for the presentations at Metafora. My installation for the event continued this investigation in geometric patterns, the concept came from the last Discourse Review at Metàfora, and was constructed by straws and paper clips. It took nearly 7 hours to complete.”

“The installation was a live performance at the event. That means I was making the object during the event and the audience could see how I was able to construct it. Some of them had questions for me “what’s your material?”, “How long have you been you working to make this?” and “How did you get that kind of idea?”. Also there was many in the audience who said nothing, and were just looking at my work for a while. Every reaction and feedback comment are interesting for me. And also, I was so happy to share a great time with those in the audience.”

“It was my first experience to show my art work’s process to an unknown public. I never thought that I could do an installation live performance in Barcelona before studying at Metafora. To be honest, I was afraid. But the art experience at Metafora makes me confident that I can do these events and shows. My first big step is successfully completed. And now my new challenge continues……”