Art Exhibition in ONDA Estética (beauty store)

Carrer Andrea Doria, 21 08003 Barcelona, Barceloneta

Sunday, 18/06 at 17.00

Katerina Ashche, one of Metàfora’s most veteran artist has organised the following exhibition after responding to an Open Call for Curatorial Projects on Metàfora’s Studio arts Program.

The Call was open to all advance students on the Training Program.

Press release:

8 International artists, Ariadna Guiteras, Daria Gavrilova, Katerina Ashche, Maria Petoukhova, Melle Skarfstad, Natalia Toro Garcia, Rachel Quaday y Rebecca Lyne get together to think on the feminine, its provocative and beautiful constructions through an exhibition at ONDA Beauty Salon.

We invite you into one of the sacred places of women. There are many places like this throughout most cultures -kitchens, backyards, hairdressing salons, toilets, churches, playgrounds. Places where women get together, where they can do some of what is often been described as “women” things: talk, share and feel openly.

“Como una niña” will be held in a beauty salon to create a space to talk about strength and vulnerability, the body, performativity of gender, ferocious emotion, radical affect, cultural prejudices and social backgrounds.

And this time it’s not only for women. Every human and non/human is welcome!