Creating Opportunities

At Metàfora, our aim is to create the opportunities and environments that give you the best preparation for working as an artist. Not only are external exhibitions organised for the students but there is an endless stream of information on residency places, gallery openings and other opportunities.

One way of beginning to find your footing is to take an internship in one of Barcelona’s vibrant galleries. One of the students here at Metàfora, Qeta Gvinepadze, has started her internship, so we asked her a few questions….

Where are you undertaking your internship?

Gallery Bombón

What is the space/project/gallery focus?

Bombón is a new space opened couple of month ago focused on Contemporary art. It is run by two artists: Joana Roda and Bernat Daviu.

What are your roles and what does the placement bring to you?

In general I’m working with photography/images, for example, taking photos of the art works, photos of events for archive. Also helping with social media marketing, publication, catalogs.

Why did you choose this place to work?

I was at the opening and really liked the space, exposition theme, quality and type of represented art. Also, friendly environment is important for me. I knew Bernat before, from Passatge Studio where we had an exhibition of some of the student’s from International Workshop.

How did you get your placement there?

I heard about internship from our director, Jette. I really felt motivated and decide to contact them. After the recommendation from school and an interview, I begin my internship.

What does this bring to your own art work?

Learning about other contemporary artists and their works always helps with your own practice. Sharing ideas, having an interaction and artistic environment keeps you more focused on working more professionally.

Where do you see this leading?

I really see myself working on some kind of similar position in future, so it’s a very good and useful opportunity.

What have you learned to far?

Most recent – How the contemporary gallery structure works in general. Related to it also many technical and practical things like improving computer skills (working with InDesign), event management, more practice of public relations.

How did Metafora help in finding this work?

As I mentioned, I got information about internship at school and then, got the recommendation.

Would you recommend this experience to others from Metafora?

Of course. I think this kind of opportunity would be very useful for young artists on a different level of their art practice.

Anything else you would like to say about this?

I did not hesitate to take this opportunity and I’m very glad about it. Really happy about having a chance to work with a great theme. Thanks to everyone who made it happen.       Instagram: bombonprojects