Coffee and Enthusiasm

Monday’s classes at Metàfora are Recent Art History and Critical Theory.
The current 4 week course for Years 2&3, led by Ruben Verdú is a fascinating journey from the origins of visual culture, to the principles behind ideas of sight as the primary sense for art communication and debates on Anthropomorphism as well as relational aesthetics in current practices. Rubens thinking processes and critical analysis brings new levels of expansion and discussion on art history and critical practice. Where we go from here, over the next two weeks, will surely challenge our brains and thinking first thing on a Monday morning……but fuelled by coffee and Rubens enthusiasm, our week will get off to a flying start.

Rubén is an artist, researcher and writer on Contemporary Art.

He received a BFA from the University of Texas, an MFA from CalArts and is an alumnus of the Whitney Independent Studio Program. His work has been exhibited at MoCA Los Angeles, at MoMA New York, at the Contemporary Art Space Osaka (CASO) and, in general, also throughout Europe and Latin America. He lives and works in Barcelona where he is the recipient of a BCN Producció award.