Art emerging….

Presentation week is the best time of the programme. Even with all the pressures of trying to get your work finished, the delight of seeing all the work that has been hidden behind studios walls emerge into thelight is purely delightful… the work of the Foundation Programme in their own words…..

Noora Sassali
Poika ja lintu (The boy and the bird)
A short animated story about sadness and the hardship to overcome sorrow after tragedy.

Julia Vila-Rosell
I will never be able to paint inside the lines you draw for me.

Francisca Borges
Red traces of rolling rocks
Rigidity of object revealing fluidity

Gea Fazzino
……Weaving the lair that will ensure its stability
She has inspired our ancestors who made of the web a tool for themselves…….

Louise Allain

Elina Zusevica
Dream or Reality……

Elizabeth Perez

Phoebe Martin
Mask (verb): to conceal from view

Marilyn Hernandez
As we wake, the image disappears leaving us with countless questions.

Sharon Macay
The Maori people in New Zealand believed that the placenta should be buried back into the tribal land of the baby, as a symbol of them taking their place within the collective identity of the tribal nation……

Johanna Nahous