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Am I the walrus? Opening Friday 4th of April



Exhibition at Espacio Practico (Tarros 3) by students from the International Workshop.   Curated by Juan Canela.

Am I the walrus?
In 1967 John Lennon wrote I am the walrus, a strange song made with different fragments, based in some lyrics of his childhood and blended with different popular and literary references. Music and sound operated in an intense, vivid and experimental way, taking the studio as a sound lab, and using old radio records and voices as instruments.

“I am the eggman, they are the eggmen.
I am the walrus, goo goo g’joob”
sang Lennon, playing around with confusion… who is the egg man, who is the walrus? Is he, am I, are they?
“I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.
See how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they fly.
I’m crying.”


That same year, Allan Kaprow did Fluids, one of his most ambitious happenings in public space. Kaprow happenings and actions aimed to generate a space where experience and event become the main aspect, understanding art as life. In the same period, performance artists put their bodies in the centre of their practice, working with them and their lives as a tool to dialogue with social and political struggles of their time. Since then, artistic practices, where boundaries between art and life are blurred, have been developed in different directions, offering huge possibilities of formalization, conceptualization and communication. Nowadays, it seems urgent to inquiry in which way an art in which life is present in an sincere way, can generate organic and living spaces and moments; these can be “contact zones” where things can happen, and not just where objects are shown.
Am I the walrus? takes Beatles song as a strange departure point to gather some projects in which the artist’s life, body and history is present in a significant way. The project articulate a space where different performaces, actions and events will happen, a live location where bodies, objects, architectures and affects will generate new agencies among them and with the audience. The works deals with autobiographical or personal narrations, reflections around the own experience or the own body in relation with others, to personal anecdotes or political and identity questions.

From 19th march – 1st april/2014 LENA contacted guys she found visually attractive in the streets of Barcelona every day, trying to figure out the basis of her own taste. Appeal is the result of this performative research, a series of photographs and a diary which tries to inquire questions as what is the basis of physical attraction, what are we looking for visually in a partner or what is instinctual and what is cultural.
If LENA looks into the others to understand herself, Mónica Tolia focus on her own physical aspect to address questions around how appearance is the initial contact between people. Conformity is a video-installation showing the artist changing styles and looks in rapid stop-motion, where the clothes are switched and disposed of in a pile of clothing. In a matter of seconds, Monica expresses a phenomena many people experience in their lifetimes: to change a look or a style to fit the occasion, group, time, etc, and the mounting frustrations of an identity that cannot be described for herself as “true.”

Catherine Holmes´s Waking is an on-going and never-ending project which show us, through 77 self-portrait polaroid images, taken almost every night when she wakes up randomly. These moments are where some of the strongest memories of her childhood, and with time they have become a natural part of her being.
Jiyoun Park takes her childhood as a departure point too, specifically her own experience as a third culture kid. The one and only recipe tell us, through an installation and a story, a narration about a child living in different places around the world, a common cake recipe of western culture turned into the one and only own one, and about a mother who has tried all her best in raising her daughter wherever she was.

From a travel anecdote with her brother and friend through Europe, Luna Stephani develop a performative project which deals with a ritual she has practice for more than 18 years to catch some life moments with intensity trohugh a methodical activation of the senses. The objective is being present, stop and watch, using every way to capture and preserve a moment; a difficult task in a world full of noise which rotates faster and faster, and full of digital devices distracting our attention from life. Some pictures and a writen story serve as departure point, while the artist is around the exhibition space acting the same way she does in her life, and maybe doing the ritual in some moment/s of the show.

And also related with mobility and culture, Josefina Sajón presents I follow you wherever you go, an installation activated by an action which, focusing on Josefina´s passionate fanaticism for River Plate Argentinean football club (inherited from his grandfather), bring the songs, colors and images that take her to the missed Sunday family football “asados”, and share this some how religious situation decaying on one side, and on the other enchanting spectacle of the “hinchadas”.

And establishing different agencies among space, other artist´s works and actions, the audience and his own thoughts/feelings/memories, Ely Daou shares them sitting in a desk writing words in different languages on small pieces of paper. Sinking in words is an exercise that consists of writing consecutively (without talk, eat or drink) for 6 hours word after word after word, where each one is directing the following one.
How these thought will affect, and have been affected with the other’s actions and objects? We all are expecting what will happen during these three days, and how all the lives involved will create a unique and unknown new scenario, just happening here and now.