This post is part of a series of interviews with current students on the International Workshop. Here Daniela Mejia tells us a little bit about herself and explains her favorite part of the course.

Tell us a little bit of yourself:

I am Daniela, a Mexican textile artist. I do art using the name of “La Malquerida” meaning the “one that is badly loved”, one of the many names we use to give to lady death in México, my home country. I studied textile design and this way I discovered my passion for everything that can be created using fabric and yarn.
How is the relationship your tutor?
Quim is a great artist, my meetings with him we talk about my art and he recommends inspiration I should use to continue on working with it.
What is the thing you like most about Metàfora?
What I like the more about Metáfora is the freedom they give us to understand what kind of artist we are, all while giving us the tools to reach the best of us.
Where would you go today in Barcelona, and what would you do there?
If I could go anywhere in Barcelona I would go to the library in the old hospital in Carrer del Carme. It is my favorite place to read and spend the time.