International Workshop

The International Workshop is a 4 year multidisciplinary studio arts program for students from starter’s level to advanced art practice. Students can choose to take the entire training or embark on short term stays from one year down to 6-7 weeks.

Students have their own studio-space in an old industrial warehouse. The course offers total immersion in art and culture in Barcelona though studio-visits and taking part in gallery exhibitions.

Metàfora is housed in an old factory complex and attracts artists and art-students from all over the world.
Classes in English with 25+ nationalities in each group.

Upcoming Short Term Stays

27th of February to 7th of April 2017

No Man’s Land
(Foundation Program)

“No Man’s Land” is a space of cultural encounter and interaction, a space where the visitor abides a different set of laws (spatial, socio-political, aesthetic. . .) than in a conventional space. No Man’s Land represents the menace of frontiers, of limits, but is yet a safe-zone for visitors, a grey area of new possibilities, of new identities.

Context, Environment and Space
(Training Program)

It is not the same to view a sculpture in a busy public space as in a silent museum.
Artists since the beginning of the 20th century
have been investigating the implication of space, architecture and environment in the artistic practice.
Where we show our work changes our relation with it.
Installation art, Land Art, public art are among some of the result of artists exploring the relation between space and art. Since the invention of museums the art world
has been concerned with these issues. How are they being dealt with today and how can we
include them in our artistic research will be the goal of this part of the studio block.

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